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Nuts_322297442_resizePURE is original

Rich chocolate pieces, smooth nut butters and other decadent ingredients are combined to create luxurious alcoholic beverages.

Originality, honesty and high quality describes our PURE beverage line. Characterized by blending only pure elements like wholesome nuts, decadent chocolate, rich coffee, tropical fruits and flowers with no additional flavors. We create a purely luscious and creamy taste perfection to delight your taste buds.

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PURE is all natural

Imagine a silky espresso liqueur prepared from real coffee beans, or an exotic beverage made from whole tropical fruits or coconut. Think of classic and natural vanilla bean infused with real almond, cinnamon or maple. Your flavor imagination will be the inspiration for an original, all natural product that appeals to the top consumer trends for decadence and ingredient traceability.



PURE is our own unique patented technology

Creating a naturally delicious creamy drink without dairy cream is a new and exciting development at Creamy Creation. Our patented technology ensures the stabilization of these ingredients without separation for an amazingly smooth texture.

PURE offers you and your consumers innovation using all natural ingredients where knowledge, artisan skills and authenticity create a purely honest product.

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