Creamy cocktails: recipe for success

Creamy cocktail Ciel BleuImagine yourself on a sunny beach. You’re relaxing in a comfortable beach chair, gazing at the sea and enjoying the view. The only thing missing from this picture is a silky-smooth summer cocktail in your hand. A refreshing spirit-based beverage can change an already great moment into an incredible one. In partnership with Ciel Blue, we have developed Banana Dream: tropical, creamy cocktails infused with the finest ingredients.

Learn more about the ORIGINALS Summer Edition, and our cream liqueurs’ other available product applications.

Ciel Bleu and creamy cocktails: the Banana Dream

“The Banana Dream is a real crowd pleaser – everybody loves this one. This creamy cocktail is particularly suitable as an afternoon drink, when you really need a kick, or need to be shaken up. Other than the natural cream liqueur, the cocktail contains ginger and banana – always a great combination – as well as rum, cane sugar, chocolate mint, cassia, and mild Japanese yuzu. The cream liqueur has exceptional properties with these fresh ingredients, and adds to the experience,” says Onno Kokmeijer, 2-star Michelin chef at Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam.

“When the cocktail is finished, people don’t want to be left with an empty glass. The subtle bits of banana in this cocktail absorb the creamy cocktail, and you can eat them after you’ve finished your drink. Cheers to that!”

What can creamy cocktails do for your brand?

The concept of mixing multiple spirits or liqueurs with soft drinks, juices and other ingredients is more than 400 years old. Cocktails are strongly connected to summertime fun and beach-vibes, but successful brands look beyond a seasonal approach. Creamy cocktails with the right ingredients are timeless, season-less, and always in style. Consider cinnamon flavors for autumn, chocolate-mint in winter, or lemon and strawberry as the ultimate spring refresher. There is a creamy cocktail for everyone, at any time, in any setting.

The Banana Dream we developed with Ciel Bleu is just one of the endless examples of creamy cocktails that can boost your brand. Our marketing team can assist with research and promotion for your unique cream liqueur. Your next product development could be the most requested ingredient for summertime cocktails, Margaritas or Mojitos!

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