Mixable Creams: pure in its ultimate form

Mocha Latte Liqueur mixable creamThere are many ways to enjoy a cream liqueur. Adding a layer of complexity to a mixed drink or as a pure pour, neat or over ice, cream liqueurs offer a premium taste experience. Our white label mixable creams are suitable for both options, offering versatility to moments of enjoyment. Summer-inspired mixable creams have led the retro cocktail renaissance. They are no longer considered your grandmother’s drink! Our iced-coffee inspired Mocha Latte Liqueur, developed with Ciel Bleu, is the perfect example.

Mixable Cream will be introduced at the 2017 International Bar and Beverage Trade Show in Berlin, Germany in October.

Learn more about the ORIGINALS Summer Edition, and our cream liqueurs’ other available product applications.

Mixable and pure, for every taste

No consumer is the same, making versatility a critical factor in cream liqueur development. Our white label mixable cream liqueurs are developed to be experienced both neat and as a mixer. The pure Mocha Latte taste in our newest summer liqueur, created with Ciel Bleu, will appeal to iced-coffee fans as a twist on a familiar favorite. A consumer looking for a more complex taste may want to add a touch of Amaretto and some fresh milk to this delicious mixable cream more enjoyable.

Ciel Bleu and mixable creams: Mocha Latte liqueur

“This evening cocktail is based on the growing trend of iced coffee. The base ingredient for the Mocha Latte liqueur is a mixable cream, with a Baileys flavour. The Mocha Latte Liqueur has a hint of sour, from added lime juice and lemon shavings. Whereas sourish juices don’t usually mix with cream, Creamy Creation’s mixable cream has unparalleled characteristics and does not result in curdling,” says Onno Kokmeijer, 2-star Michelin chef at Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam.

“The mixable cream can also be drunk on the rocks or neat, but in combination with coffee and fresh vanilla it is the perfect after-dinner-drink or dessert. When our guests see others with this drink, they have to have it too: they have to see it to believe it.”

What can mixable creams do for your brand?

Creamy Creation’s white label offering allows any brand to bring a silky-smooth mixable cream to the shelf. Our expertise in dairy and creamy liqueurs allows us to tailor the flavor to your specific target group. Consider rich iced-coffee or a delightful fruity flavour, surprisingly silky yogurt or something entirely new! Creamy Creation always provides unique and high-quality taste sensations.

A personalized product with a modern taste or a new twist on a familiar flavor profile allows you to connect with your customers in an unprecedented way. As a venue, you can offer them a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else, and as a spirits brand, you can become the fresh taste of Summer 2018.

Mixable cream mocha latte liqueur

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