Sparkling cream liqueurs: thrill your senses

Sparkling cream liqueurs Sparkling Summer FeastAdding a splash of cream to your favorite bubbly beverage creates a unique cocktail experience. We call them sparkling cream liqueurs. As sparkling wines have grown in popularity, so, too, have the moments of enjoyment. Once reserved for celebrations, Prosecco and other sparkling wines are currently enjoyed for all occasions: brunch with the girls, mid-week dinner out and entertaining-in with friends.

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Innovation and sparkling cream liqueurs

Launched at ProWein 2017, our new portfolio of sparkling wines combined with a light pour of cream liqueur, is an opportunity to get ahead of market trends! Sparkling cream is a winning combination offering the very best of both worlds. This bubbly combination of sparkling wine and a splash of cream liqueur may catch any connoisseur by surprise, but not the adventurous millennial, who appreciates both sparkling wine and cream liqueur and will toast the unique combination.

Sparkling cream liqueurs at Ciel Bleu: Sparkling Summer Feast

“Mixing a sparkling wine with cream… now that is what we call pioneering. Creamy Creation provided us with a cream that could be mixed like this, and together we enhanced the formula. The hibiscus-flavour complements the sparkling wine and with berry ice cubes we add a summery flavour to the Sparkling Summer Feast,” says Onno Kokmeijer, 2-star Michelin chef at Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam.

“This sparkling cream liqueur brings people together in a fun and light way. When people drink it, something happens – both in the glass, as well as the buzz that’s created in the room. Using food and drink to tap into people’s emotions and feelings, connecting them to moments in time or to other people, is what makes our job as chefs so cool.”

What can sparkling cream liqueurs do for your business?

There is a huge opportunity for any liqueur brand to launch into the sparkling cream liqueur market. With sparkling wines now more popular than Champagne and millennials open to explore new tastes and concepts, this is the moment to jump ahead of the trend. With effervescence at the heart of this cream liqueur, there is nothing more delicious or fun to drink.

Sparkling cream liqueur Sparkling Summer Feast

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