Summer cream liqueurs: next summer’s inspiration

ORIGINALS Summer Cream LiqueursTo inspire brands to get the most out of their beverage offering, Creamy Creation developed a new series of timeless cream liqueur recipes. Our unique range of beverages offers a variety of applications, all customizable to fit your brand and appeal to your customers. Watch our summer drinks concept video to learn more about these refreshing summer cream liqueurs.

Our initial launch announces the The Summer Edition and includes three delicious recipes. Developed in partnership with Ciel Bleu, a Michelin 2 star restaurant in Amsterdam, we present you with sensational cream liqueurs-based recipes with a dash of summer!

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Cream liqueur applications

At Creamy Creation, we have identified three innovative applications for cream liqueur: cream as a cocktail ingredient, as a cream liqueur for straight-out-of-the-bottle enjoyment and as a splash with sparkling wine.

Our summer cream liqueurs are developed to attract customers who are looking for unique beverage options. These signature cocktails are in keeping with today’s drinking trends and appeal to your Millennial audience. Here are summer’s popular recipes for every cream liqueur application, developed in close collaboration with Onno Kokmeijer, 2-star Michelin chef at Ciel Bleu, Amsterdam.

The experience of cream liqueurs at Ciel Bleu

“When Creamy Creation first came to us with their portfolio of summer cream liqueurs, we were a little skeptical, but when we started working with the products we quickly got excited. For us it is important to immerse our guests in an experience and cocktails are a great channel to do that. The unique product characteristics of Creamy Creation’s cream liqueurs help us to deliver delicious seasonal drinks, all year round,” says Onno Kokmeijer.

Summer cocktails: Banana Dream

The Banana Dream is the perfect example of how cream liqueur ingredients add a sophisticated layer of taste to a summer cocktail. The smooth and rich character of cream liqueurs makes them perfect for a tropical cocktail experience. More about this creamy cocktail ingredient.

Mixable creams: Mocha Latte Liqueur

This smooth coffee flavored summer cream liqueur is the embodiment of the global iced coffee trend. Pure or mixed with Amaretto and fresh milk, the Mocha Latte will spoil your taste buds. More about this mixable cream.

Sparkling Cream Liqueurs: Sparkling Summer Feast

This bubbly combination of sparkling wine and a splash of cream liqueur may catch any connoisseur by surprise, but not the refined millennial, who appreciates both sparkling wine and cream liqueur, and will toast the unique combination. More about this sparkling cream liqueur.

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